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Exhibit A Computer Forensics Data Recovery

Computer Forensics San Antonio

Data Recovery Process

Initial Data Recovery Consultation

Before you try anything to the drive it is best to speak with a professional so that data recovery has the best chance of being successful. Contact us and ask to speak to a data recovery specialist for an initial data recovery consultation.

Data Recovery Evaluation

Our advanced data recovery evaluation will determine what data is available for recovery. The evaluation will result in a price for data recovery if you choose to go forward with the recovery.

Recovery of Data

Once you have decided to go forward with data recovery, our data recovery specialists will work on your drive to get as much available data as possible. We can even remove hard drive passwords and hard disk locks.

Transfer of Data to New Media

Finally, the recovered data will be transferred to either a USB drive, or external hard drive.

Data Recovery and Digital Forensics

Data recovery is sometimes confused with computer forensics. Data recovery is used in a case where the data from the hard drive can’t be extracted with traditional computer forensic imaging devices or software. There is special hardware and software that is used to extract data from a hard drive for the purposes of data recovery and then that extraction can be converted to a digital forensic image that can be examined by a digital forensics investigator. Some cases that we have done here at Exhibit A CFI include hard drives that were thrown in a lake to avoid detection, one was set on fire, and many others were smashed to where the computer was totally destroyed. In all of these cases we were able to do a data recovery process first and then do the digital forensics investigation afterwards to get the information needed for our clients. If data recovery is needed, Exhibit A CFI can definitely help you get the data and then do the investigation.
Data recovery is a separate fee from the computer forensics investigation costs.

Initial Evaluation

If there is water damage DO NOT try to turn on the device or power up the hard drive.  This can further damage your drive and increase the time and cost of data recovery.  Instead, bring your hard drive or computer to us and let us do a basic evaluation to let you know what level of data recovery is required for your situation. You will then know the type of data recovery required and a range of costs to expect for data recovery. If you decide not to go forward with the data recovery, the media is returned to you at no additional cost.

Data Recovery Examples

Computer Forensics San Antonio

Data can be recovered from almost any digital device. Here are a few examples of our most popular data recovery jobs.

Data Recovery for all data loss situations such as viruses, fire, flood, file deletion, hard drive crashes, file corruption, and even complete hardware failure.

Laptop Recovery

Because of their portability, laptops are more susceptible to hard drive damage and other problems that affect data than desktop computers.

Data recovery is available for all brands including Dell, HP, Lenovo laptops and all Apple Mac laptops including MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.

Desktop Recovery

Desktop hard drives fail every day and most people are not consistent with data backup, if they do it at all.

In the case of desktop hard drive failure for data recovery is available for Dell, HP, and all other brands including all Apple Mac computers.



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